Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My maiden voyage!

This is my first time to post on my blog. I've spent so many hours checking out all the wonderful blogs that I decided to plunge in with the help of my good friend Katie (Ragamuffin gal). It was decided to start with my back yard because it's such an important place for me & my family. As you can see it's very green right now due to the many "gullywashers" we've had. My garden is also progressing nicely -- yea!!!! We may be living off those vegies this summer with the price of gas.

I'm trying to get things made for the shop. I'm in (Leola's Vintage Home & Garden). We're having a big open house this weekend to celebrate my sisters, niece, & my taking over the shop almost 3 months ago. It was previously the Seedbox & we had our individual shops in it for almost a year but now it's ours. It's ours & several other ladies who share our passion for the previously used (both antique & vintage) & useing our individual tastes to create all kinds of wonderful things. I love to sew so you will be seeing some of the things I make in my little sewing/computer room. Wish me luck!!!

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