Sunday, October 12, 2014

Trip to Door Co., Wisconsin.....

What a wonderful week we had!  Judy, Jean and I drove through Iowa and Wisconsin to spend a few days in one of our favorite places.....Door County.  We had wonderful weather and the leaves were on their way to being turned.

Our first stop was in Fairfax, Iowa, where our friend, Barbara, was having her yearly fall sale.  She has an amazing store that she calls the Rabbit Hole and things were strung out all over her yard and in outbuildings.  We couldn't buy large pieces but our goal was to find items for our Holiday Open House at Leola's.....and that we did!

I kind of got into blue transferware while Judy was buying up all the brown transferware that wasn't too expensive.  We found some wonderful pieces plus Judy bought some amazing vintage blown glass ornaments.  So we started packing the car on the first day out.

The next day we made it to Door County.  We stayed in the village of Fish Creek less then a block from Lake Michigan.  It was cool and crisp and smelled of wood smoke.

The moon appeared our first night and treated us to its beauty for the next four nights.  It was breathtaking over the lake.

One of our many favorite things to do is go to the fish boil at the beautiful White Gull Inn.  It was very cold that night and you're seated outside to watch the actual fish boil.

They put the fish & potatoes in the big pot and when it starts boiling over, it's ready and you go inside to eat.  It's honestly a wonderful dinner and the inn is so quaint.

After dinner we walked back under the light of the moon to our house.  There's never a time when you feel it's unsafe to walk in the dark or down a deserted road. 

We always have to eat at least once in Bailey's Harbor at this well-known eatery.

It was just a wonderful trip and we all felt like we were coming home with a good attitude and anxious to get started with the preparations for the coming holiday season.  When you're in retail you have to stay ahead of things.

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A quiet, rainy day.......

It's raining in my world today and I'm so grateful.  City Utilities has been replacing gas lines in our neighborhood (thank you) for the last few weeks and it's left our yards with no grass and only this fine, dry dirt that just blows around.  I've tried to water but it's been hot so it doesn't last long.  I'm certain that all those with allergies are having a terrible time.  My windows have been open so needless to say, I need to dust.

Judy, Jean, and I are taking off on Sunday and headed to Door County, Wisconsin, for a very relaxing few days.  We've been there several times and love it, especially in the fall.....

We're staying in Fish Creek and no, there won't be snow on the ground but we love this little grocery store which is right around the corner from our cottage.  It's fun to run in here and pick up a sandwich and a bottle of wine for dinner.  It's such a quaint, pretty little village.
It's just a beautiful area in the on Lake Michigan that makes you feel like you're on Cape Cod....
I'm pulling out the flannel shirts and sweaters since the temps are to be in the 50's.  May even take my Uggs! 
I love taking projects to work on.  I've never had an issue with carsickness so since Judy is driving her new Jeep, I can even sew in the car (I'm sure she'll love all the little pieces of wool and thread left behind)!!!!
Haven't decided if I'll take the laptop or not.  The camera will be with me at all times and if I pack the laptop, I'll show pictures.  If not, I'll post them when we get home.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Leola's Fall Open House.....

It's been a crazy few weeks in my world but hopefully, will slow down a bit now (hope not too much)!  I've had company, reunions, open houses, and various other events that have kept me hopping.  This past weekend was Leola's Fall Open House and it turned out to be the perfect fall weekend and was a huge success. 
I love this time of the year and it's timing is perfect this year.  It was jacket-weather on Thursday night when we opened and it put everyone in the mood.

My crazy g'girls and Allison came to check things out on Thursday evening.....                                                  

This will be a work week to try to get some things cleaned out of the garage .  I have lots of merchandise but always seems it needs a little something done to it.  Oh, well, that's my favorite part.  I'm still having issues with my new computer especially when it comes to posting on this takes everything I have sometimes not to throw it across the room.  Oh, well, hope everyone has a wonderful week.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dog Days of Summer........

It's been an incredibly long streak of upper-90's and I'm sooooo tired of it.  It saps me of all energy and there's so much I need to accomplish.  Why is it that when you have crummy weather and need to stay inside, it's so hard to have any ambition?????  It has taken all my energy to just keep things watered (not an easy task)!!!!

So this is some of the handwork that I've managed to finish.

I found the wonderful early blue dough bowl and decided to fill it with rag balls.  Love that blue is showing up again.  The black cats and pumpkins are just a primitive idea I saw and wanted to try.  We'll see if customers like them.
I made two of these pillows last year and sold them.  They take a lot of time but I love making them.....

I have company coming next week.  Barb lived in the little town of LaRussell with us and we were very close.  She sometimes stayed with us while her parents traveled for their business.  She lives in California now but loves to come back for our reunions.....this is her 50th high school reunion.  This time she's bringing her daughter for a first-time visit.  So next week is packed full and the next week we'll be getting ready for our Fall Open House.....
It's called "never a dull moment"!!  Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Where did the summer go......

Can't believe my little ones (they aren't very little anymore) are getting ready to head back to school.  This summer has flown by and I can't stand to see it go.  Guess we actually have a couple more months of nice weather but it always seems that kids going back to school signals "the end".  It did back when I was in school but waaaaay back then, we didn't start until after Labor Day.  Sometimes I want to yell at father time "SLOW DOWN"!

I know I've been so bad this summer about blogging but to you few who still read Summer Sundays, I'm going to make a real effort to be better at this......we'll see!

My garden has been doing medium well.  I get enough for my everyday needs but not much to freeze.  There are tons of green tomatoes so maybe someday soon.  Meanwhile, Judy and I took off this week and went to visit an old friend of ours from LaRussell.  Kaye lives on a small piece of land not far from Carthage.  It amazes me what women can do when they're not afraid of a little (or a whole lot) of hard work and Kaye definitely is a hard worker.  She has an amazing garden that was overflowing with ripe produce.  We brought home tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and eggs......

Look at those tomatoes lined up on her deck and there were boxes of them below that.  She said she had canned 125 quarts of tomatoes and I forgot how many green beans.....
I love all of her outbuildings.  It was an old farm and she had intended to live in an old rock house but it burned before she could move in.  The rock walls are still standing but that's all.

This is one of several outbuildings that are wonderful.  Some are rock, some old tin, and most are this old wood. 

 This is her chicken house.  I'm thinking there were 8 chickens.  This is one of the original rock buildings.
This is a sign she made and hung on the coop and yes, she left the "r" of the rooster.  Love it!

They are a happy bunch of chicks.....
Our friend, Murray, met us at Kaye's.  We've all been friend's since school and are all the better for it.
Last weekend was the monthly sale at Fordland and Allison, Stella, Phoebe and I .went.  Judy always participates and everything looked great......

Phoebe wanted the "p" but Mom thought it might be a little large for her room.....
This is there special events room but they also sell the merchandise.  They had their first wedding there a couple of weeks ago.

I bought two of these posts with the hopes of making lamps.  They will make amazing, large, lamps.
It was a fun day and came home with some great treasures.
I have a new computer and it's about to push me to the limits trying to get adjusted to it.  It's just so darn sensitive and has a difficult time doing what I want   it to.  Change is so hard for me!
Hope everyone has a great day.  I'm going to really try to do this more often!!!!!!

picture from Country Living