Saturday, June 28, 2008

A great day-trip

My sisters, Jean & Judy, & myself took a little day trip to Kansas City on Friday in the hopes that we'd find a treasure or two at the big Curious Sofa estate sale. Well, Judy found a couple of "deals" but unfortunately, my treasures were found in the regular priced merchandise. I love that store! She has the greatest things & most things you never see anywhere else. The neighborhood she's in is also great. The Walmart's of the world have driven most neighborhood stores out of business but I think now with higher gas prices people are going to start shopping in their neighborhood stores again. Personally, I love my little True Value Hardware. They actually help me out when I'm trying to fix something.

Here are Judy & Jean in Mission Road Antiques -- another favorite place. We found some treasures here too. One of the treasures was lunch. We had a corn casserole that was unbelievable -- no fat grams there!!! Anyway, we had a great day & didn't have to think about the price of gas (split 3 ways isn't so bad), the stock market taking a tumble, global warming or water in the basement. We just played "Scarlet" all day & played like we had nary a care. We should do that more often. Anyway, we came back ready to make changes at Leola's & perk things up for summer.


Dulcy said...

I'll be in soon to see what awaits from K.C.


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Cannot wait to see how you decorate next! I am so glad you had a fun trip!

kristinco said...

Waoh ! Je raffole de ces sacs à farine, très utiles pour recouvrir les fauteuils !

Bluebird said...

Hi Jan! I finally got my blog set up and I'm following yours now. I'm still feeling my way around. It was meant to be that I talked to you today so I could get this started. Hope to see you the first of May!

Bluebird said...

Jan, great to meet you today and thanks for your help with the blogspot. This is my second try to post here. Teresa