Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a weekend!!!

This has been quite a weekend! It rained 6" on Friday so we ended up with a creek flowing through our basement. So instead of doing all the fun things I had planned for the weekend, we ended up sucking stinky water out of our basement carpet. After seeing all those Iowa pictures on the weather channel, it was hard for me to feel real sorry for myself but I managed to muster up a little self-pity. Anyway, so this afternoon we had another big ole rain & a hail storm. Thank heaven it didn't get my tomatoes. What's going on with this crazy weather. We've had it all in the last 2 years. Makes us think seriously about an apartment. This was our street on Friday.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads. My grandchildren are blessed to have a wonderful dad & we're so grateful. They all went to see the Springfield Cardinals play ball tonight and eat hotdogs for dinner. They went to church this morning as they do most Sundays and spent the day together. I hope and pray that in this difficult world we're living in that somehow they can keep that special thing they have going and always love each other.

Went to Leola's and worked for awhile this afternoon. I managed to go to a few garage sales on Saturday morning (while Mike sucked dirty water out of the basement & mowed the yard) and found some great bottles and an old royal typewriter. Tomorrow is my work day but it's sometimes hard to get much done on Mondays because it stays pretty busy -- yea!! Thought I might show some of our new products. Judy is now carrying some wonderful new cleaning supplies that are both good for the environment & good for you. They come from "The Good Home Co." and as far as we know, we're the only ones who have them in our area. I bought the laundry soap & it's wonderful.


Dulcy said...

Hi Jan!

Love your blog, and I'll be sure to check in since I know such a big chunk of you family! Hope your summer is going well, and I'll be down to the shop to see you soon. I'll get you linked to me!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh, I was just there ~ now I have a good reason to go back! So sorry about your basement. This weather has been a faith stretcher! Hope your family wedding went well! Can't wait till your next post! BLESSingS & LOVE!