Friday, August 22, 2008

Recycled table to last a lifetime

Allison found this table at a garage sale & purchased it from a couple who were downsizing. They told her how their family had set around this table on so many occasions and how difficult it was for them to sell it. They had kept it on their screened in back porch for years so the finish was pretty rough. After telling the elderly couple about her family & how they eat together (almost) every evening & about the many people they invite to eat at their table, I think they were greatly relieved. Alli & John have had a big harvest table in their dining room that was just too large so this round one with 3 leaves is perfect. We sanded it & put 4 coats of finish on it & it's absolutely gorgeous. I think it's walnut. The kids are so serious about recycling & teaching their children about protecting the earth & our environment. They loved the fact that this was a chance to show their children about reusing and not being so wasteful. They're such good parents.

Anyway, we were proud of the job we did on the finish of this table & wanted to share.

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Sweet Repose said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by, isn't it a small world. Would you mind if I put your link on my blog.

My X and I used to go shopping in Bonapart all the time, I am gonna have to make a road trip myself sometime.
I wonder if Barb from Sisters' has ever been to your shop, I'll ask her. She is having a big fall fling on the 18-20 Sept (I think), I will let you know for sure. Manley's Antiques is another great shop in Muscatine.

Can't believe you met Elizabeth Maxson, you lucky her style.
Talk to ya soon.