Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My birthday antiquing trip!

My sisters, Judy, Linda and Jean & sister-in-law Kay took me on a little trip today for my birthday. We were headed to Lake of the Ozarks to eat at On the Rise (our absolute favorite restaurant) which was closed today -- bummer!!! It turned out to be a great day though because the antiques stores were really brimming over today. The pictures below are from Elm Street Antiques in Lebanon MO. They just have the best primitives and unusual objects.

Kay was lucky enough to find a tool box that matched her sweater. She was actually needing something for her coffee table & this was perfect.
Linda loves rag rugs & she was checking these out. I loved the wagon.

This white area was wonderful.

Back to the primitives. In our area it's getting harder & harder to find good primitives but for some reason Lebanon has two shops that are stuffed full of great primitives -- Elm Street & Route 66 Flea Mkt. They have several of the same dealers in both places but I'd like to know where they find all the great stuff.
Birthdays at my age are really for the birds but if you have to have one, this is the best way to spend it. It was really cool today & sunny and not many people in the shops. A day like this lets me come home with a new attitude & I'm now ready to start some holiday wool projects for Leola's. I was even thinking that maybe I'd do a give-away for posting my 50th blog entry which is coming up. The only thing that scares me is that the only entrants will be my sisters and daughter and maybe Katie & Dulcy. If you're out there, let me know & I'll do it.
O-K!!! It's now time for my birthday cookie that my husband is fixing so better go.


Sweet Repose said...

Hey...us Virgos have to stick together...right... and happy belated B-day to ya!!! Mine was the 7th and I spent MY day painting furntiure for an open house coming up and custom jobs for clients. But my Dad surprised me with pizza he and my Brother delivered on their Harleys...so the day went extremely well, hope yours was the same.

I remember just starting my blog thinking...is there anybody out there besides friends and family, but they came and are still coming the more comments I make around the globe. Leolas' and Missouri sounds like a great place to shop, I'll have to take a road trip some day. My Mother was born and raised in Hannibal, I still have family there.


summersundays-jw said...

Sometimes I find myself setting in front of my computer yellin "is there anyone out there" & then someone like you answers & I realize someone is listening. Thanks! We Virgos do need to stick together. Jan

Ragamuffin Gal said...

HaPPy BiRthDay SWeEt JAn!!! I have loved reading your blog today! I am so glad you like visiting Lebanon, so do I! Can you believe I grew up there from fourth grade on? Any way it is a place of "sweet" finds. Some day I will show you some of my treasures found there for a real bargain! Have a happy weekend! Love, me

lovesoldstuff said...

Wow, that looks like a great shop and what a great way to spend a bday! I keep having dealers visit my shop telling me primitives are out and don't sell anymore. NOT TRUE! I for one do and always will love my primitive style. I seem to find my best buys at garage sales, auctions around here are getting impossible to buy things for resale.