Friday, September 26, 2008

Taking today off!!!

I've decided to play the "Gone With the Wind" game again today & forget the economy, election & all the other worries in my life and just try to enjoy this beautiful fall day. Sometimes it just gets overwhelming & I have to hit myself on the head & say "wake up" to what is really important in my life. I've been married to the same loving & supportive husband for the last 42 years, I have the best daughter anyone ever had who married a wonderful man and I have 3 of the most amazingly, wonderful grandchildren any grandmother ever had so I surely can allow myself one day of no fretting about the world. I'll say my prayers this morning for all our troops, for peace in the world (& yes, I still feel that's attainable), for health & happiness for my family, for Alore Manufacturing to be able to thrive & keep all those great employees, & that a new president will come in & actually make a difference in our world. But after that, I'm turning the TV off, hiding the newspaper & going to some garage sales. I just love playing Scarlett!!!!


Euna said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I enjoy reading your blog! I'm in Florida but am coming to Lebanon, TN, for an Airstream Rally on the 7th of October for the entire week. It's a small world, huh? I can't wait to visit the shops. The Route 66 Flea Market, is it a mall? Is it open all time? Any other great places to go or places to eat you would recommend? Thanks

summersundays-jw said...

Thanks for the Happy B'day & thanks for reading my blog but I'm sorry to tell you that our Lebanon is in MO -- not TN. It would be a nice drive though if you want to come on up. A couple of years ago they had an Airstream Rally in Springfield. Did you come there -- that's also MO. Jan