Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Winner!!!!!

Katie Struckoff (Ragamuffin Gal) is the winner of my pillow in my 50th blog giveaway. O-K, my sisters are going to say it's a set-up but I swear the drawing was done by a totally impartial party (Mike) & he will verify that it was totally on the up & up. It's very strange because Katie is the person who helped me set my blog up & continues to answer my questions so it seems fitting that she should get my pillow. Thanks to everyone for reading my blog & supporting me through this kindergarten stage of blogging. I certainly appreciate it & stay in touch because the 100th one will come up before you know it.


Debra said...

Yeah for Katie, I totally agree! She is a great gal, talented artist, and such a "giver". That beautiful pillow couldn't go to a more deserving person. Love you both!

Sweet Repose said...

Sorry I missed your give-away, but you know how crazy these open houses are. Wish you could've been there, it was awsome. She is doing another one this weekend, as the city of Kalona just down the road is having their fall fest...so here we go again...more soap and more soap. But we had an awsome turnout...yippee, Im pooped...still!!!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

I feel so lucky, fortunate, and blessed!!! I love the pillow and it is so much more special because of wonderful you!!! Tell Mike a big word of thanks for pulling my name out!! I am so very Happee!!!