Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a beautiful fall weekend!

Sorry for my not so great picture but wanted to show the strange vignette Judy did in the front window. Halloween brings the strangest things out in people! You should see her house. The kids think it's great but I still have a little fear of it scarring them for life. She has a great hall closet that she decorates for almost every season. I'll try to take pictures when she does it. It's amazing!!!!
Stella, Phoebe & I had the greatest time on Friday. While Mom & Sage went to the Dr., we set off for the fall festival at the Ozark park. It's a wonderful park that sets right next to the river & it was packed with artists, crafters, food vendors & tons of people. The smell & feel in the air was amazing. But does it bother anyone else that they have this wonderful festival & vendors stock their booths with all kinds of Americana that's "made in China". Just seems to me that there's a time & place for that (since hardly anything is made in America) but a festival like this should have local crafters & artisans. Some of the local people had the most beautiful things like the wool applique below & hooked rugs but believe me it's hard to sell your handmade things when they're setting beside something made in another country by people working for $20 a week. Just wish there was more appreciation for handmade goods.

Anyway, the girlsies & I had a great time. Hope you had a good weekend!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Hello Jan!
Love all the pictures as always of course! It was a beautiful weekend and I spent a good hour of it at Leola's. You have got it going on there! I especially love Judy's pickle peppers story. It helped me with mine and made me laugh so hard. You gals are nothing short of treasures! Love and Blessings, Katie

Darla said...

Sounds like fun. I adore your picture with the bicycle at the top!

Sweet Repose said...

How cute are the little, pink girlsies! And yes, I agree, once we started importing all the crap, the flea markets went downhill and made China rich beyond belief...not the little people, but the rich corporate owners (slavers) sad that a country should sink so deep into the

Let's hope that a new changing of the guard will help us somehow in some small way. But I will have to say something about this crappy has given us thought on how to live with less, in this a fat, pompas country. I feel for our kids and grandkids.


TamboinMO said...

I was in the booth with the hooked rugs. Luckily, this year, we actually had some customers who appreciated our hand-work enough to spend the extra money to buy "hand-made" items from right here in the Ozarks.
I still need to get down to where your shop's on my list!!!
Tickled to see a picture of Kelly's Santa and Reindeer rug and Renee's rooster applique rug here on your blog