Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas decorations at Fran's house.....

This is my friend Frannie's house all decorated for Christmas --- & it isn't even Thanksgiving! She's fortunate enough to have Ron from The Thicket & his sidekick, Mel, come early & decorate. Ron starts very early in Nov. & decorates continually through the holidays. He also helps with some of the homes that are featured on the Ronald McDonald House holiday home tour which is this weekend.

This is one of Fran's many trees & it's decorated with vintage ornaments. She's in the running for queen of vintage blown glass ornaments although the race is not yet over. It's incredible the amount of vintage ornaments we've sold at Leola's since open house. Fran has them in bowls, glass jars, hanging from mirrors & on trees. They're gorgeous!!!!
These are large jars that are filled with kosher salt & have little scenes in them. Here she uses some of her vintage bottle brush trees along with new ones. They're on her huge round dining room table.
These are darling little handmade dolls all dressed in pink. You'll also notice Ron's Christmas decorating book "My Favorite Things" sitting on the coffee table.

This is the entryway to her house. There's another window just like this one on the other side of a truly spectacular door. Sorry I didn't get the full picture. Her little trees & garland have clear lights in them.
This is the mantle in her great room that is covered with these sugary-looking houses & trees.
This is the end of the tour & I thank Frannie for letting me take pictures. She's having our "Birthday Group" in December & I can't wait to go back. Did I mention she's an excellent cook also but trust me, if I had her kitchen, I'd be a darn fine cook too.

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Doreen said...

Oh my goodness..how very beautiful! I especially love the jars with the scenes inside..those are lovely.

:)Have a great day Jan,