Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas decorating at my house!

Can't believe this is my 100th blog entry. I meant to have a give-away for it but it will have to be a little late. Still haven't made a decision on what it will be. Keep watching!

Finally got most of my decorating done this weekend but the tree is yet to be decorated. That will come. Just hope no one breaks in while I'm at Leola's tomorrow because someone could get seriously hurt falling over debris. Below is my mantle that I tried to keep pretty simple. I've used lots of fresh greenery & I love it.

I have so many vintage ornaments that I'm trying to invent ways to use them. Can't stand not to put all of them out. This will be interesting to see how long it takes Sage to lift this dome.
I'm determined to get things wrapped up because I want to sit and enjoy it before it's time to take it down. Also, would love to have some of the girls over.
We went with the kids to Silver Dollar City on Sat. afternoon to see the lights & what an experience. We had to park miles away & ride a bus in which was great going but when we left the line to get on the buses was at least 1 mile long. The kids (& adults) were exhausted and cold & it was 1 1/2 hrs. before we got to the car. Someone said there were over 30,000 people in the park on Sat. It was a shame that what could have been such a fun day had to end so badly. Anyway, it made us all think about what Christmas was all about. It certainly wasn't all the flashy lights & $10.00 hot dogs. It was that we got to spend the day with Allison, John, Sage, Stella & Phoebe, & they wanted us with them. We all rode back in a nice safe car & came home to nice warm homes after spending the day as a family & we felt truly blessed when we know there are so many who aren't that fortunate. PEACE & have a great week!


Doreen said...

OH my goodness..i hope you were kidding about the $10 hot dogs..that is insane. So sorry the trip ended on a bad note....but you are right, things like that do make you think about what the true meaning of Christmas is. I am with you on getting the decorating done so that you may have time to enjoy it..that is why I've decided to take a real vacation starting the end of this week and through Christmas..with the kids being away at college now....when they are home on break.....I want to spend quality time with them rather than working while they are here.

Joyous Holidays to you and your decorations.


Hooked on Primitives said...

Big Congrats on your 100th post!! What a wonderful blog! I love your vintage ornaments and how you have them displayed! Beautiful Family too!! Cathy

Sheri said...

Yes, congrat on your 100th post. I just had my 50th. The price of $50 to get in to Silver Dollar City has been enough to keep my family away for years now. To think they want you to Pay to go shopping! That's definately not what Christmas is all about-a 100 ft. LOUD Christmas tree!?!?!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

This month is just flying by and this year for that matter. Yes, you should have time to just sit and enjoy it!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

That snowman is just too too wonderful on your mantle. I'm glad you had that wonderful memory with your family.