Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodby 2008 -- Hello 2009!!!!

I had to take this picture of my sheets hanging outside at the end of December. Sharon of Sweet Repose blog had sent a comment that she had hung her laundry out way up north in Iowa and I thought what a great idea -- & did my sheets ever smell sweet last night. There's something great about being able to hang flannel sheets out on the line. Also, the thought of not running my dryer that extra 40 to 45 minutes was kind of nice too. It was a gorgeous day & I made sure I got my vitamin D.

This is another work day so I'm headed to Ozark. It was extremely busy at Leola's yesterday & we're seeing lots of travelers these days. We just hope they keep it up in January & February. Pray for good weather!

I, for one, will be glad to see 2008 behind us & soooo hope that we see our country & world improve in 2009. We see so many small businesses closing their doors around us while the Walmarts of the world prosper. The one thing I always think about when I go into a small business is that it goes straight into our economy when I spend a buck & with the big box stores it goes straight up to the top & a little trickles down eventually. So I've already made one new year's resolution & that is to be better about shopping locally.

Anyway, I'll make sure I do my part this year to be better about helping the little guy. My new plan is the "trickle-up" theory. The next billion-dollar bail-out should go to all of us & see if it doesn't make a difference in our economy.

Happy New Year -- & may it truly be!!!!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

The trickle up theory. I like it! More power to the little people! Happy New Year! ~Mindy

Sweet Repose said...

Right on Sister!!! My New years resolution is to continue to badger companies that produce cheap merch from cheap labor. If a sales rep calls or I get a magazine in the mail, I immediately call them and tell them I love their it made in America...oh sorry I would have loved doing business with you, but I have scruples. Hopefully they will wake up some day.

Still no word from my Grandson, but no news is good news, right...

Have a great day...I'm lovin' my clean smellin' sheets...

deb did it said...

oh how I love a clothesline! Have a look at my blog and flickr pictures for my obsession! We always tell our B&B guests that their linens have "danced in the sunshine and kissed by the wind" and RIGHT ON about trickling up!