Monday, December 1, 2008

What a weekend!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Lots of company & lots of food. Because I had whined so much, I didn't have to do too much of it. My sister-in-law Susan & part of her family came on Friday (4 adults, 2 kids & 2 dogs). They were joined by Allison & her family (2 adults, 3 kids & 1 dog). Needless to say, it was kind of a zoo around here but a good time was had by all. Thanks to Susan, food was planned out. She made pizza one night & gumbo the 2nd. And for dessert the kids decorated cupcakes. Here's Sage with his turkey (their dog ate all the little chocolate pieces on the floor & threw up).
Allison & Loren are both teachers so their kids are pretty good at these projects.
Here are the 2 sets of twins. Poor Sage was a little outnumbered!

Linda did Thanksgiving day's meal. I didn't hear the final count but I'm sure it was at least 50. We had the best dinner. I did note that my plate had only white on it except for the yellow in the corn casserole (does that count!). It was yummy!!!! Here's Allison, Sage & baby Maya. After over a year, we finally got to meet her. She ended up with croup & an ear infection. Poor Jenni!!!
Marabelle is in kindergarten this year & it doesn't matter how long she's away from us now, she remembers us. Her parents have made family very important. The kids have such a good time together.
Well, it's back to work for me this morning. We had snow yesterday so it's looking very wintry outside. We had an excellent weekend at Leola's & hope it continues today. I sold a couple of tables so I have merchandise sitting all over my area. It needs some serious "sprucing up". Have a great week!

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