Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Sage invited me to come to his Valentine's Day party at school so I decided it would be a great way to spend part of my Friday. First graders are so much fun. They're still so unaffected by how others may perceive them. They can still run & hug Gramma without worry that they may be "laughed at". How sad it will be if & when they lose that freedom. I live with the dream that maybe mine will be able to grow into "free spirits" that can be themselves without so much worry about what their peers are thinking. Is that a ridiculous dream?

Stella & a new friend.
Their Valentine craft.

Sage & Phoebe are still able to sit together.

Allison is such a good home room Mom.
Sage with his friend & his Valentine box.


SJC said...

CUTE! I love Sage's card box.

You need to come to Chicago for your linens. I found the greatest store downtown. I purchased the fabric for both of my chairs from him. Small little store with this little troll of a guy working the counter. LOVE IT! I need you to make new bedding for me.:)

Computer??? Are you fixed up now? I can come down there and raise hell if you need me to.

Love ya!

trash talk said...

How adorable...little crafters already! That card and box is tutu cute as are they! Debbie

dulcy said...

Beautiful happy pictures!


David said...

A ridiculous dream? Probably so, but keep dreaming it anyway! Cute kids!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh I love seeing that little peek into the Valentine's party day! And that Ali ~ what a mom! The craft was precious ~ love it! We enjoyed our time together so much! You are one of our highlights! So Fun being with you gal. Have a Lovely week. Blessings, Katie