Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snowy Saturday

Can you believe it's snowing today. We had upper 60's on Thurs. & snow today. Oh, well, it kept me in today & hopefully, with enough enthusiasm to get some things done for open house. Can't believe it's next weekend. So far, I've finished a lampshade & started working on a chair. It's really small but is upholstered.

I'm a big coffee lover so Kristy from Leola's gave me this little gift. She said it made the best coffee drink & kind of woke you up in the afternoon. Well, it does make a great drink but, sorry, I'm still wanting to take a nap. I fixed it over ice & it was better then anything I've had at Starbuck's. It's called Vietnamese coffee.

This was my backyard this morning & it's still snowing. I want Spring!!!!! According to the forecast, it will be in the 70's by Thursday. The joy of living in the Ozarks.



David said...

Brrrrrr! Come on spring!

Sweet Repose said...

Hey girl...icky snow...we didn't get any and we're supposed to get into the 60's by Wed. too...YIPPEE.

Well, the girls are gone and we had a blast, bought lots of cool thangs, ate lots of crap and sat up all night laughing...ya gotta let it all out every once in a while!

Hope you're doing well and selling lots of stuff, things are moving a little better here, lots of signs of spring around, but still very cold today...won't be long...spring!