Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where's SPRING?

Is this weather crazy or what! I can't even get my garden tilled. Everything is budding out & the forsythia are in full bloom along with lots of other blooming trees
& we're suppose to have snow. At least the temps aren't suppose to go that low. It's so sad when you see what's going on in other parts of the country. My heart breaks for all those up north who are worried about flooding & I'm certain all those out in Kansas have blooming things up & growing and now having feet of snow. Then there are those down south enduring tornadoes & torrential rains. Just seems like our weather gets crazier and crazier.

This was spring break for the g'kiddos so Stella took her turn to come to g'ma's. I had to make 20 hemmed napkins for my friend Annie so Stella wanted to sew too. We got out an old Holly Hobby sewing machine of her Mom's & she practiced her sewing. She's very patient & deliberate when she's learning a new skill. Someday soon I promised we'd learn to do some handsewing.
This beautiful flower is from Judy's magnolia tree. It has an amazing aroma. Seems like every year since she planted it, we've had one of those freaky coldsnaps & ruins the blossoms. We're hoping this year it will make it.
This is one of my wool Easter eggs that I love to make. The flowers & inside of leaf is actually hand-dyed velvet.

This is a cloche that Annie gave me with a bird, nest & eggs inside. She got it at the Thicket where either Ron or Mel designed it. The Thicket & The Nest are two of our real treasures in Springfield. If you're ever in Springfield, do yourself a favor & check them out.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I plan on staying in & maybe do a little sewing. I'm so wanting to get my backporch perked up so maybe I'll start some pillows -- or maybe I'll just take a nap. With any luck, I can do both.


Barbsigns4u said...

Oh my, that Stella sure looks like you, Jan. She is darling. Geez, I hate that you're all having a lousy start of spring there in the Ozarks. Murray Stockton, Jimmy's brother, out in Nashville, MO e-mailed me today and said he has 2" of snow and more to come!
I been Pulling weeds and digging in the dirt this morning. I love the way it smells. My poor old knees are hurting so I'm curling up with a cup of tea and Stephanie Plum & that HOT Joe Morelli.
Keep the Faith,

summersundays-jw said...

Barb - I can see the rooftop is white behind he but not suppose to have more than an inch. Tomorrow is suppose to warm up. Keep your fingers crossed. Thanks for saying Stella is darling & looks just like me. She is darling & is a delight to be with.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Stella looks so adorable working on her little sewing machine ~ ahh the memories you are making for her dear Jan! I always feel like I'm at home on your blog ~ it is sooo welcoming! Thanks for making it a wonderful place to visit! Hey! I'm going out of town this weekend but I'm off on Monday. Any chance you could steal away for a Chai Tea Latte sometime then?
Love you, Katie