Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Check out some prices at Leola's....

Shad, Judy's son, is visiting from Chicago (soon to be St. Louis) with his dog, Lucie. Lucie is undoubtedly the most adorable dog I've ever seen. Shad & his friend Rob adopted 2 siblings & Lucie became Shad's. You wouldn't believe how these dogs looked when they got them & the amazing transformation that love and tender care have made in these dogs. They're 2 lucky dogs and 2 lucky guys.

I took some pictures at the shop after reading some blogs on how expensive things were in Texas this year. Thought it might encourage people to try Ozark, Missouri, for a little antiquing trip. The little wood tool box was priced at $14.00. The large oval wood framed mirror is $49.50 & the brown wicker chair in front of it is $48.00.

T his yellow velvet french style chair is marked $195.00 & the white Adirondack chair is marked $80.00. The dark cabinet is so cool. It has been converted into a wine cabinet with slated shelves that slide out & is a bargain at $179.00. The next little french provincial style chair is only $110.00. The upholstery on both of these chairs is in really good shape.

This is an adorable white chest that is only $185.00 & the amazing french stuffed dress form is $165.00.
This is a really small selection of our inventory but thought it would be interesting to show some of the prices. We feel like our area has some of the best places to antique and our prices are really competitive. If you're ever interested in coming, just contact us & we'll head you in the right direction.


Sweet Repose said...

Maybe the Texas shows are just out-pricing themselves these days...but your prices are very comparable to Sisters' and we are still selling steady. I was so surprised at my sales so far this year, so much better than last year.

Black is the hot paint for me right now, very little in white sells, unless it's old chippy white paint.

Us hicks must be doin' somethin' right...have a great Easter weekend, I hope we're all busy!


Lola Enchanted said...

Love the white chest!!!

Happy Easter!