Thursday, May 21, 2009

Graduation day & an amazing yard......

This was Stella's & Phoebe's graduation day from pre-kindergarten. They were so cute and acted so grown-up. I don't know where 5 yrs. have gone but they have flown. We'll not be going to Kingsway anymore to pick up kids from school. Next year they'll be in public school with Sage. Kingswood has been the most wonderful place for my grandchildren. It became like a second home. They know everyone's name and everyone knows theirs. In a world that can be so scary for children, these children have been so blessed.

After I left the festivities, I went by a friend's house to check out his yard & take some pictures. I can't tell you how many times I drive by just to look at his yard -- I'm sure the neighbors think I'm a stalker. It's just an amazing yard. Check out the front porch. He has hung plates & a shelf with terra cotta pots on it and twig furniture.

This is one of several succulent wreath that he wintered over. They are so amazing. I purchased everything to make one so if I get it done, I'll take a picture & post it.

Here's another shot of the front porch. Everything is so unexpected but looks so homey.

Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend. I'm so ready to feel like it's summertime. My sisters & I are planning a trip soon that will coincide with the big sale on Father's Day weekend in Walnut , Iowa. I am sooooo ready to get on the road.


trash talk said...

Your g'babies are beautiful. I mean really beautiful.
That yard is fantastic. How much time does he spend on it. If I'd get off blogger, I might could at least get mine mowed!
We went up to Iowa to Walnut a few years back. I would love to go back, maybe next year! Sigh!!!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

What wonderful pictures of the girls and the garden! I am loving your music. ~Mindy

Kenda said...

Jan, If you have an opportunity, you must go to Hilltop Farms in Ash Grove. They sell the same wreath that you have posted. It's the best nursery that I have ever been to. Best Wishes, Kenda

summersundays-jw said...

Thanks, Kenda, I went to Wickman's Gardens but they don't make them. Wonder if he brings them to Farmer's Mkt?

Debbie - Thanks, I think they are too (not that I'm prejudice). He's one of those that can always get people to help. No way can you do it yourself. My pictures really don't do it justice.

Mindy - I'm glad you like my tunes.

lovesoldstuff said...

You will love Walnut! Those succulent wreaths are so cool,love them!