Saturday, June 20, 2009

We're home....

It was so good to be home after 7 nights in other peoples' beds. Especially where we stayed on Thursday night in order to get to Walnut bright & early for the sale. It was so bad that we all put our t-shirts over the pillows and cleaned everything with antibacterial wipes. But for the most part, we had a wonderful trip and came home with lots of treasures and wonderful memories.

I have so many things I want to write about but so many of you wanted to see more of Sharon of Sweet Repose blog & her new shop WHITE so thought I'd show some pictures of that today.

This is Sharon and myself in her shop. As you can see, she did a wonderful painting technique on her walls. The shop is pretty small but a great place for showing off Sharon's many talents. Is there anything that woman can't do? She has the cutest lampshades (sorry, I didn't get a picture) and Jean is going to start selling some of her soaps and votives at Leola's. I've ordered her soaps before and their fragrance is incredible.

There's a small courtyard out a side door and she has it fixed so cute.
Can you believe she has straw on the floor inside. I'm not sure how you'd vacuum but I'm guessing not often. Anyway, it's a fun idea and looks great.

She did several pieces of furniture including an old table with linen-looking old fabric and just nailed it with little black tacks. Some things were fringed but none were hemmed. The rocking chair was great.

You can see she's used straw outside too.

Anyone who thinks there's nothing in Iowa would be in for a shock. We just hit one little town after another (most historical) that had great shopping and the best little restaurants. Tomorrow I'll tell about one that we found in a little, tiny town that was the best food and the most interesting couple who owned it.
I'm off to the store to get a chicken for dinner. The kids are coming after they swim for awhile. My garden had grown like crazy while I was gone and I've been pulling weeds and tieing up tomatoes all morning. I picked tons of salad greens and a big bunch of basil so we're having pesto, roasted chicken and a big ole salad for dinner. It's so good to be home.


common ground said...

Yeah!, glad you're home, can't wait to see and hear more. See ya soon.

trash talk said...

Like Dorothy says...There's no place like home. Y'all must have stayed at that motel on the highway by Walnut. When we went, we were going to but lucked out and found another place.
I love Iowa and I'm so jealous you got to go to Sharon's. I've never met her, but she writes beautifully and I just love her blog...quite the unique individual.
Glad you are home safe and sound and I'll be by later for leftovers!

David said...

That's a nice picture of you and Sharon. I do like the wall finish. Glad you're back!

Sweet Repose said...

Thanks for the kudos Jan...what a blast...I would've liked to been a little(?) stowaway on that trip, you guys were so much fun!!!

Can I trade my brother for one of your sisters...some day I'll get to Leolas'...wherever the heck it is, at least I know what's good to be blond(sorta)!!!

Have a yummy Sunday, I'll have a small portion of pesto please!!!