Monday, July 13, 2009

Summertime in the Ozarks

Freshly baled hay near the Finley River in Ozark. Everything is very lush and green right now since we've had several nice rains lately. It's been hot and muggy but somehow when everything is green it doesn't seem as bad.
The front of a friend's house in the country. It's such a gorgeous location and was planned to look like it's been there for years.

My hydrangeas in my side-yard. They're the most beautiful blue. They'll fade out some and then I can cut and dry them. Sorry about the bird poop. You know what they say -- s___ happens.

These are some of my tomatoes. Everytime one starts to ripen a rat eats it. That rat has eaten so much poison that it should be long gone but it continues to eat my green beans and tomatoes. You don't know how much I dislike that rat but nothing seems to faze it. He just sets there & watches me & eats that poison and then moves on to the garden.

This is some of the eggplant I planted in my front flower bed (with the hostas). It's got lots of blossoms on it and one even has a baby eggplant.

This is the zucchini I planted in a planter in the front yard. It really is beautiful greenery for a planter and the big golden flowers really show up with all the greenery.

My yard is so much work but when I finally get to start picking the veggies, it's all worth it. I've already had tons of peppers and I'm getting ready to freeze some for winter -- yea!!! Luckily, rats apparently don't like peppers and zucchini.


common ground said...

Your garden looks gorgeous! And those Hydrangeas are the most beautiful blue. Bird should see my car!
See ya Wed.

Sweet Repose said...

I have never had a growing season like this's been so cool and wet that my tomatoes again got the wilt...too much rain. I got one good pickin' of beans, then the snails ate the rest...I have never , ever had snail, as my area is sandy loam and the snails prefer heavy soils, well not this year, but the zukes and the spaghetti squash have been fab, as were the snow peas, till the wind blew them over.

But my newly planted rhubarb plants are huge already this year, next year it's rhubarb more Mr. Niceguy...

However, as my corn crop comes back after being flattened by the winds, I'll be expecting the coon families to move in at any time least the rains have killed off the gillions of baby grasshoppers that eventually devour all of my gardens.

It's summer...who can complain about anything...I'm reveling like mad in it!!!

Have a good one in spite of the poop!!!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

The flowers and veggies look to be thriving. All of your hard work is paying of, in spite of your rat friend. ~Mindy

David said...

Wow, the pictures are just gorgeous! Green is one of my favorite colors. You made me laugh with the bird poop comment.

Oh, and I hadn't thought about it until you said something, but yes my mom's hair does remind me of someone's! Funny!

Good luck with the garden! Looks beautiful!

dulcy said...

What a beautiful post! Katie and I are heading your way today!

dulcy said...

Hi Jan!

What fun we had today! Here's the email address of the wonderful place I was telling you about...

I'm ready to get sewing!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

You have captured Summertime in Ozarks perfectly ~ love your shots!
Although you know what those tomatoes remind me up... (I told Mark about your sneaky thief) So good to see you and laugh together today ~ you are always one of my most favorite people. Blessings, Kt