Thursday, August 20, 2009

A visit in Fordland with Janice

We headed for Fordland yesterday to one of our favorite antique sales. We bought lots of stuff but since I rode with Judy, we couldn't get all our stuff in one load so it was an excuse to go back today. Jean and Linda also went today & we were able to take Judy's hubbies' pickup. She had bought this ginormous (Sage's new word) light fixture & a large metal step ladder that we couldn't get in the car.

Below is Janice (Mel of Seedbox's Mom), Judy & Jean in Janice's shop.
Linda, trying to load the "ginormaous" light fixture. It's part of Judy's plan for fall open house. I love this cabinet. For some reason it didn't sell. This chest also didn't sell. I may call tomorrow & buy it. It would be so great in my entry hall.

We had such a good day. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of our side trip to this little country store that a young couple is trying to revive. We're having this amazing cool weather -- feels like fall.


trash talk said...

I love that chest...what a great statement piece. You are so would be perfect in an entry!
Well, I see the leaf didn't fall ver far from the tree. So that's where Mel gets it. Her mom is really pretty! Tell Mom howdy from Texas.
Gloria and I were just talking about you yesterday (only good things, my dear) and that wonderful (her words) tea room y'all sent her to. She said it was the very best chicken salad she had ever had. Thought I would just pass that along!

common ground said...

That light fixure is incredible! About as big as Linda. That will be really cool for Open House! Have a great weekend.

Sweet Repose said...

Love the ginormous lamp...this is also my daughter's new favorite word, I hear it all the time...and yes...fall is in the air, we're really starting to see the birds that a 'F' word...ha!!!

Did we miss summer and now my heathen is catching vermin already...argh...gonna be a long winter!!!

Have fun girls!