Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The very talented Judy.....

Today I'm going to show what Judy does in her area.  She has an amazing decorating ability.  We tell her sometimes that if she would just stuff her area full of merchandise, she would probably sell a lot more, but she's always decorating like she's at home.  She doesn't quit until she has it exactly how she wants it.

She loves collections of things so she's always watching for objects she can put together in a bowl or jar. 

It's a cold ole night in the Ozarks and snowy.  What is it with this weather!!!!  I'm not leaving this house for 3 days.  Maybe I'll even get my Christmas all put away.  I still haven't made the pillows for my friend so I've got lots on the agenda. 


Raggedy Angel said...

Hey, yes I did put on a new (old) surround on the fireplace....check out this older post to see how it looked before and what we added:

Have a great day! Beth

Sweet Repose said...

Just finished shoveling my big ol' hand...keeps me fit, right!!! Or do I need my head examined??? But at least it's not freezing cold out...this is almost sunbathin' weather!!! Yes on the head exam!!!

Stay warm junkin' sista!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hey Jan,
Good luck and let me know how the downloading and "playing" goes. I hope I explained it simply enough. If you have any questions, I'll be available until Friday evening. Just shoot me an email.
Hope the cold weather lets up a little on all of you. I can't imagine not leaving the house for 3 days...whew!
Enjoy your creative time~
everything vintage

dulcy said...

Wonderful weather to stay in and do whatever indoory things that come up! Had such fun visiting the other day. We still need a trip to Caspers!


pollyanns said...

Hey... I think I recognize those little candle holders in that jar! What fun! I can't wait to see your posts of the other ladies' areas. LOVE IT! I played with a little more pink today... looks great against the white blizzard outside! Stay warm...

simplyiowa said...

Hey Jan!
The Vintage Seed Packets, that I posted, were just what I needed...I could have taken images of 12 inches of snow, resting in all of the bird baths... but who wants to see more of that? Not this gal! Only about 68 more days 'til Spring...Ya Hoo!!!
Barb C.

Amy said...

what a lovely little blog, that dixie chicks song always makes me cry.
enjoy your weather, I miss it so.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Jan ~
What a sweet sister you are to highlight Judy's talents! Of course we all know that you are just as talented too! I am saving up (may have to miss a few Silver Bella events) and when I get enough, I want to come to Leola's and just have you and Judy go wild helping me redecorate my house. You know I would be happy because whenever I visit Leolas or your home, I never seem to want to leave! Love you gal! Have a great week!!!