Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring break with spring weather.....

The kids all have spring break this week so we were off to the park but first we had to stop by the Springfield Art Museum to see the all-school art show.  One of Stella's pieces had been chosen to be on display.  She loves art.

She was very excited about her work being in the museum.  She also loved it when she found out that her new cousin Bella's work was also there.  Bella is in 5th grade and her group made the most amazing dolls.  The kids are so fortunate to have such wonderful art teachers in their schools & it's still given a high priority.  Congratulations to Stella and Bella for their fine work.

Then we were off to the park with all the other kids on spring break.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and everyone was out and about.

This was Stella's turn to come home with me so she spent the night.  Today we're planning on cleaning off the back porch so we can actually use it.  It seems to be my collect-all through the cold months.  I'm thinking I may take all my old wicker to Leola's this spring and sell it.  I love my bent willow chairs.  There's just too much furniture.

Have a great day.  Hope your weather is as nice as ours.


Rug Cottage said...

what great memories you are creating!!

I saw my 5th robin yesterday!!

Happy Spring,

Susan said...

I'm sooo jealous!!! We're still having COLD weather and lots of rain - just got rid of the snow !!!