Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring is in the air......

Spring is definitely here.  It was the most gorgeous day.  It seems everything has decided to bloom at once.  Hopefully, last night was our last night to worry about a frost (but probably not so).  Seems we always have to have that last little surprise frost where our yards end up looking like a spook garden when we try to cover everything that is blooming with sheets.  These flowers came from Janie's garden.  She brought them to Leola's on Monday and I loved these pinkish daffodils.
The Ozarks is covered with Dogwood trees and they're just starting to bloom.  If you want to see a really beautiful sight, take the drive from Springfield to Branson in the spring.

I've been working this week on the cabinet.  It's really primitive but was kind of an ugly wood with a little crackly paint on the sides.  I decided to paint it it white and wear it off a little and it turned out so cute.  I'm trying so hard to get some of the furniture finished that I've stockpiled in the garage.  Everything needs a little something done to it.  Hopefully, I can get it to Leola's on Monday.

One of the really great sales in the area is held once a year in Republic.  It's only the 2nd year for it but the first year was great.  Check out their blog Bluebird Antique Show.  She was in the shop and I suggested she do a blog and she did.  Hope they have great success.  Let them know you saw it here.

It's Phoebe's turn to stay with Gramma and she's all curled up in her bed -- sound asleep.  She's such a sweet little girl.  Thank you God for inventing g'children.  We're going to do some gardening tomorrow and clean the backporch.  I'm not sure why since the green pollen is flying but I have to start somewhere.

Hope you have a great weekend.


David said...

Just beautiful. I love daffodils! And dogwoods for that matter!

Barbsigns4u said...

Happy Springtime, Jan!! I pray the frost stays away. Everything looks so beautiful in full bloom.