Friday, May 14, 2010

A few of my favorite quilts....

OK, it's raining again. Why does it have to rain on garage sale day?  It's just been a rainy week and I'm tired of it.  Guess that's May for you.  My garden sure looks great.  My tomatoes even have blossoms.

Thought this would be a good day to show some of my favorite quilts.  I love quilts.  It's amazing to think of a woman putting these together many years ago never realizing that someone several generations in the future would consider it a treasure.  The 2 quilts below I purchased at a garage sale last summer.  They came from Mississippi and Jamie from the quilt shop in Springfield told me that one was pre-Civil War and the other was made during the Civil War.  Unfortunately, they're dirty but was warned not to wash them because of the age,  They had been stored in an old refrigerator in an abandoned cabin for over 20 yrs.  Luckily, that had kept them from being destroyed by varmints.

This is my favorite quilt.  It was made by my Mom, Leola, before she died.  She must have made thousands of yo-yos and luckily she made several into quilts.  Some of her yo-yos are actually made from 3 different fabrics.  I never look at it that it doesn't bring the memories rushing back from the fabrics she used. 

These two quilts were made by my great-grandmother.  My Mom gave them to me as quilt tops and I had a young Amish girl quilt them for me.  Someday soon I plan to bind them.  I wanted to be able to work on the same quilt that my great- grandmother had worked on at least 100 yrs. ago.

This last one is just one I love.  I purchased it thinking it would be cute to have 2 pink quilts for the g'daughters twin beds but so far I haven't found a 2nd one so this one stays on my guest bed.
I have several other quilts in my collection and some day soon maybe I'll show my whole collection.  They're all wonderful and tell such a story.  Hopefully, they'll be cherished by Allison and my g'children after I'm gone. 

Also, yesterday was my Aunt Lillian's 99th b'day.  Until about 2 yrs. ago she quilted.  She's practically blind but quilted by holding the piece just inches from her eyes.  She was always a wonderful seamstress and for years altered clothing for different stores.  She could take anything apart and put it back together.  She's my mom's last sibling left.  She's lost both her husbands and 2 children but she still lives in her home in Kansas City and can still make a mighty fine cobbler.  Happy birthday dear Aunt Lillian.


The Josie Baggley Company said...

FAbulous! It's a blessing to have such beautiful meaningful heirlooms. A connection with the women of your important to have & cherish as you so obviously do.
I love quilts too & have a nice collection including vint. feather eiderdowns-yum!lol but I would LOVE to have a quilt belonging to my g/mother or gg/mother. You're a very lucky lady! I DO have teapots though that mediated many a chat between my Granny & her friends

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Oh, Jan. I love family heirlooms, especially when they are still in the family and cherished. My fav is great grandmothers. The one on top. Greatness! ~Mindy

Jenny said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! I love this quilts and the stories they tell just be the simple fact that they still exist!

What a wonderful post! I am intriqued by the quilts in the old refrigerator. That is going on my story board as an idea!

Thank you so much!

dulcy said...

I love this post Jan! Everything is just fabulous and has such meaning.....

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Jan!

I can see what that quilt is your favorite, it would be mine, too. :-)

Thanks so much for your visit and for your thoughts on my cubby post, I always love hearing what you're thinking.

Have a wonderful day!

simplyiowa said...

Hey Jan!
Next time you come up north, Iowa way, if you want, we can 'turn it loose!' We can get a little 'crazy', up here... I think it's the long winters!!!!
Love all of the quilts... I have a real problem, when it comes to quilts, and early textiles....They speak loud, to me...
Take care Kiddo!
Barb C.

hollyhock garden antiques said...

thank you so much

Sweet Repose said...

So sweet about Aunt Lillian...I always wondered about the name of the shop Leolas', wondering if it wasn't a family member with history.
I don't have quilts, except for an old yeller one with butterflies that my great-grandmother made many moons ago. It's very worn, but I loved sleeping on it as a child, playing with each butterfly as I drifted off to slumber land.

We had lots of people in the shop yesterday, as I continue to drag stuff in the doors, the word is spreading as the smell of yummy candles permeates the mall...goin' to Sisters today...I need more stuff...ha!!!

Hope the sun is shinin' in yer neck o the woods sista!