Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween.......

It was Halloween tonight for the g'kids at their church.   They all decorated the back end of their minivan to look like Cookie Monster and it was so cute.  It was a beautiful late afternoon and they all had such a good time.

I spent the day finishing up pillows and putting the final finish on some furniture pieces.  I love the pillows I've made.  They're made from an old wool blanket that was a brown and red plaid.  There were a couple of worn spots so I appliqued trees over those spots.

I'm finishing up my jars of spiced chai tea mix.  It is so good.  Allison is making a hot chocolate mix that is like no other.  Hopefully, they will sell well.  I've had such a difficult time finding a chai mix that I really like so decided to make my own.  The only difference in mine & Starbucks is the steamed milk they use.

Tomorrow we start decorating the outside of Leola's.  We decided this year to do it first rather then wait until last when we're all exhausted.  We have some great ideas.  Hope you can come Thurs. night to see if we pulled it off.


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh the Trunk and Treat looks so fun! As do the little treasures! And did you say Chai Tea mix? Always a favorite! Happy Boo Day to you Jan!

dulcy said...

Looking forward to the Christmas open house on Thursday! Also, are you going to have Allison's hot chocolate mix for sale at the shop? I hope so!

Jenny said...

I love Trunk or Treat! And their mini-van looks so clever. Great, great pillows. They look so cozy!