Sunday, December 26, 2010

A day for relaxation.....

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  It seems to me that from about 2 wks. before Leola's holiday open house, I hit the ground running and don't stop until the day after Christmas.  This year was no exception even though I told myself last year it would be different.  That's exactly what I was thinking this morning -- next year I'm doing it differently.  Yeah, right!!!!

Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas.  Christmas eve was dinner at the Riddle's and then to church.  Yesterday, they came here for brunch along with John's mom & her friend, Terry. 

The cameras came from me and they were a riot.  We were all interviewed about our Christmas thoughts.  They take still photos but they also have a video feature.

Why anyone would get a 9 yr. old boy with 2- 6 yr. old sisters a Nerf gun is beyond me. 

One of my favorite gifts this year has been the "Pioneer Woman Cooks" cookbook.  She has wonderful recipes so I decided to try her beef tenderloin.  Judy's husband got me this wonderful tenderloin so I fixed it for Christmas dinner.  Saying it was wonderful is an understatement -- it was AMAZING!!!!  Today, I loaded it on a couple of pieces of homemade bread and it was a sandwich like no other.  Next time, I'm fixing her lasagna -- I've read that it also is amazing.  Reviews later.

Mom explaining to Sage that he should use my TV for target practice rather then his sisters.

Sitting in front of the fireplace.
I've loved my white fireplace.  So glad I painted it.  Bruno loved sitting on my chair in front of the fire.  If I remember correctly, Allison loved it so much that she took a little nap there shortly after this photo was taken.  It's also my favorite spot.
Note to self -- next year plant Paperwhites earlier.  This one was so near flowering but none of my bulbs were flowering.  Oh, well, they'll look good in January too.

Back to work tomorrow.  We're to have some 60 degree days this week.  It's hard to believe after this cold Sunday with a little snow this morning.  You just never know what the weather might deliver in southern Missouri.


T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like you had a wonderful and cozy Christmas surrounded by loved ones. Just the way it is meant to be. Best wishes during this last week of December. Wishing you much peace, joy and love. Tammy

Jenny said...

It looks like you had a glorious Christmas filled with family, fun and sweet memories.

The fireplace looks perfect painted white! It looks like a wonderful perch to peruse that cookbook. I've heard great things about that, too!

I'm a bit late wishing you a Merry Christmas, so instead I will be a tiny bit early wishing you a 2011 filled with joy and discovery and new adventures!

dulcy said...

Everything is beautiful! I would be napping in a second on that comfy couch!