Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Letting go of the stress......

This is me with Santa when I was 2 yrs. old.  It was so simple back in 1947.  When did it become such a huge thing!  We would start getting excited about a week before Christmas.  Our parents would bring home candy from our store & our big treat was a long stem of bananas.  That might sound like a lot but our family consisted of 6 girls, 2 boys & parents.  That's a lot of bananas!!!!

Our Christmas program at church was the social event of the season.  We went to a tiny baptist church down the road from our house.  There was always a potluck dinner with all kinds of desserts before the program.  No one stopped by the grocery store to pick up a dish to bring -- everything was homemade.

I've decided to quit stressing about everything and set my priorities.  I have several special orders for the shop that are promised so they'll get top priority.  Then comes the gifts that I'm wanting to make for people.  I also have 4 appliqued stockings to finish which are the most time-consuming but I love making them.  It's supposed to be very cold this weekend so it will be a good excuse to stay in. 

This is also a very special weekend because my g'son, Sage, will be 10 yrs. old.  Sunday, his birthday, is their program at church.  This is what Christmas is all about & I'm so aware of it when I'm in church.  My daughter & son-in-law are so determined that their children know the real meaning of Christmas and the importance of sharing with those who are less fortunate.

So tonight I'm staying home and starting my projects -- heating pads.  I've made a list & I'm checking it twice.  We'll see what happens but definitely, no more stressing.


Dana-v said...

That photo is priceless. Your expression is too cute. I think I smiled the whole time I was reading this.

Sharon Wengel said...

Sounds like a good plan Jan .
My son was telling me today that I didn't decorate enough , I think it's just enough , not a lot of stuff to put away after Christmas, He's missing all the old stuff , but not this year, just going to take it easy.
I'm with you , let go of the stress !

The Primitique said...

Good for you and AMEN! ~Mindy

Debra@Common Ground said...

Oh Jan, what a cutie you are (still!) Great reminder about priorities at Christmas!
Stay warm this weekend!

David said...

Wonderful photo! No more stress!