Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is that snow I see???????

Would you believe it's snowing again in the Ozarks!!!!!  I've about had it.  The schools are closed again & it's so cold.  South of here in Ark. they've had even more.  The forecast is for warmer temps by the weekend and all next week so we'll keep our fingers crossed.

I think the squirrels must be getting hungry because yesterday one tore a hole in the screen on my porch to get into a bag of birdseed.  I'm talkin' a big ole whole and made the biggest mess on my back porch.  Lesson learned -- always keep birdseed in plastic container with lid.

These beautiful forsythia branches were cut last week from my backyard bushes.  I love forcing these at this time of year.  By the time Easter comes they have little green leaves on them and they can be used for Easter trees.

This will definitely be a stay-at-home day -- & hopefully, a productive one.  I've given myself an assignment to clean something out every day.  Yesterday was my cooking utensils drawer.  Couldn't believe how much was in there that I never used.  Not sure what it will be today but I've made the commitment.

Have a great day.


TamboinMO said...

Love your forsythia....hmmmm, my neighbor has one...think they'd miss a few twigs?
Stay warm!

Sharon Wengel said...

Can you believe this snow ? I've had enough too . Think I will try forcing some forsythia too , I"ve never tried it before .
Looking forward to the weekend and warmer weather.

The Primitique said...

I do love the container the branches are in! Light that fireplace and enjoy the warmth. ~Mindy

dulcy said...

Thanks for the reminder.... I was meaning to bring in some forsythia yesterday. One of my first "springy" things to do is force stems. Hope to see you soon Jan!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Squirrels can be so destructive. They tear up wiring, dig holes in the yard looking for their darned walnuts and trees grow where they loose track of them. They drive our little dogs nuts!
I never thought of forcing forsythia--pussy willow, but not forsythia. I'm going to try that! Thanks!