Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our hearts go out to our Joplin neighbors.....

We, in this part of the world, are so sad for our neighbors in Joplin.  The devastation is beyond belief and they're still uncovering bodies in all that debris.  As of tonight there are 123 dead but many still missing.  In our area everyone is connected to Joplin so everyone has a story.  I've tried to imagine where everyone is sleeping, going to the bathroom, brushing their teeth.  Their high school & several other schools were destroyed so school is dismissed for the summer.  Their largest hospital was destroyed and thanks to people who rushed their and loaded the patients in cars & pick-up trucks & took them to the other hospitals.  From there the patients were transported all over the area to other facilities.

The tornado went for 6 miles at 1/2 mile wide & registered as an E5(?) (the very worst storm possible).  For miles & miles all you can see is flat land.  The houses & trees are all flattened and it's been almost impossible to dig through all the debris.  It will be days, maybe weeks, before the task is accomplished.

Say your prayers for all of these people as the storms move in again tonight and for all those helping in this massive undertaking.


Dana-v said...

Devastating and surreal. My heart is with those folks. Praying for calmer skies, even with the pending threat for more terrible weather tonight.

TamboinMO said...

This has been so sad to watch so easily knowing that it could have been us.