Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday with grandkids........

Sorry for my ranting last night.  I'm feeling much better today.  Things just seem to overwhelm me sometimes, and my blog is the only place I have to go.  It's up to me to change things -- only me.  I love what I do and I love Leola's -- I just don't like having to work so hard at it.  I'll figure it out!

The grands came to visit today.  They always lift my spirits.  We decided it had been way too long since we'd spent much time together.  We raked leaves until Sage went to an MSU soccer game with his friend then it was just me and the girls.  They both were wearing old sweatshirts of their mom's.  Stella had on one from Richfield, Minn. & Phoebe  was wearing one from Kickapoo in Springfield.
Playing possum!

Sometimes I look at Sage and I'm so amazed at how fast he's growing up.  He brought his friend over after the soccer game and they immediately started climbing trees.  Being the mother to one girl did not prepare me for a boy.  Sage understands that and always assures me that they will be VERY careful.  Yeah, sure!!!!

The boys asked for a snack and chose to have a container of vanilla ice cream.  We had never noticed this before but we all thought this was amazing and surely a sign of good luck. 

This is my last flower in the garden.  I was cleaning up and raking and there it was.  What a ray of sunshine.                                                                                                   

 It, too, will probably be gone this week because we have colder weather coming and lots of rain and wind.  I pulled more wood up on the back porch and the kindling box is well stocked.  Kenda is working for me tomorrow so think I'll put a fire in the fireplace and maybe get some kind of needlework started.  Haven't had much time for that lately.

Have a good week!


Debra @ Common Ground said...

oh yeah, enjoy that day off!! xo

Anonymous said...

You sound much better today. Hope You got some much needed rest. The pics of the kids are adorable. You
are great at a lot of things, but you are the BEST at being a Grandma!

barbsigns4u said...

Awe, yes ... a visit from the g'kids is just what the doctor ordered for making us slow down and enjoying the simple joys of life. Beautiful photos, beautiful children.

Sharon said...

Glad you are feeling better !

hollyhock garden antiques said...

i wish i had a fire place !thank you my mom had a great birthday . its rainy hear today a fire sounds good !

Minden Place said...

Jan~Your grandchildren look like so much fun!!