Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where's that tree.....

I love Christmas.  I especially love it AFTER the decorating is all done.  Do you remember the front of my house?
Well, everything I decorate with has to come up those steps.  Not only that but when I put the house on the market last spring, I moved all my Christmas to a storage building.  The last couple of weeks have been spent slowly moving all that back to the house.  Just doesn't seem right to pay for a storage space when I have all this room.  Maybe 3 more loads and I'll be done.  I was so bummed to find that a couple of bags had mildewed and one had an old quilt in it.  Note to self -- always store things in plastic containers!!!!

Today I plan to get lots accomplished so we'll see.  The forecast warns of a cold, damp day.  Perfect for staying in and working.  Yesterday I cut tons of greenery so I have no excuse -- unless Leola's gets really busy and Kenda needs me (which I hope happens).

Have a good Saturday!

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Dana-v said...

I can just picture luminaries lining those steps of yours!!!