Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our amazing open house.......

We had a most amazing open house at Leola's.  It seems everyone is so ready to get into their yard & garden.  And with the weather we've been having, who wouldn't be.
Love the old chicken feeder! 
Sorry that it's kind of fuzzy but loved all the galvanized pails on Pam's wall.  We must have sold a dozen watering cans.  I'm thinking about putting my tomatoes in galvanized tubs this year to keep them from getting the "leaf wilt" disease that seems to be in my soil.
One of Pam's many pillows.

Linda's birdhouses made from old mailboxes. 
I purchased one of Judy's metal bins to keep near the garden.  It will hold my gardening tools.  They're heavy so I won't have to worry about dumping everything in the dirt. 
I'm always so amazed at the ideas that the women of Leola's come up with.  They work so hard to keep the store fresh and to offer things at an affordable price.  If they charged for the actual hours they spend at this, no one could afford it but we all love what we're doing and are determined to follow our bliss.

We also are amazed and want to thank our wonderful customers who come from KC, St. Louis, Little Rock, Tulsa, Branson & all the surrounding areas........we couldn't do without your support.  We're so grateful that all those visitors are back that are headed to Branson.  We've had the same ones visit us year after year.  Loyalty seems hard come by in this day and age but Leola's has no shortage of it.

It's going to be 80 degrees today so I'm headed to the yard.  What a blessing this weather has been.  Have a great day!


Danavee said...

The store looks AMAZING! So good to see you yesterday!

Andrea said...

I already have my wire tray on my coffee table (I'll post pictures soon) and I'm deciding what to put in my bowl. The shop looked really good. There were so many things I wanted!!