Friday, April 20, 2012

The perfect spring......

If you're a gardener, this has been the most perfect spring.  Yesterday I set out my first tomato plant that already has a blossom on it.
Will eventually plant a few more but want to get the heirloom variety.  Hopefully, they will appear at the farmer's mkt. soon.  Judy and I went last night and I got zucchini, cukes, tomatoes and strawberries.  Love it!
The flowers were incredible.....

My garden is coming right along.  I've actually been eating arugula for several weeks.  It's the tastiest variety....very peppery &; very delicious.

My ferns are at least 5 ft. tall this year and are popping up everywhere.

So many things I need to do in the yard.  There's also a garage full of furniture that needs to get ready for Leola's.  I always tell myself that next week I'll have more time to just stay at home and work but it seems something always gets in the way of that.  Oh, well, maybe next week!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Danavee said...

Do you grow basil or cilantro?

ShabbySheep said...

Jan, You're so lucky to be able to vegi garden. I can only have flowers because of the damned squirrels!! They will grab a green tomato and take it to our outdoor dining table, take one bite and leave it and go get another one and do the same thing!!!
And 5 ft. tall ferns!?!?! Never heard of such a thing.
Are you still working on Mondays? I want to bring you some of my white cockscomb seeds. email me ( and let me know!
xo, Sheri

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Evening Sweet Friend...
What a gorgeous share this evening. I love seeing your tomatoe plant. Here in the Phoenix desert, it costs more to try and grow the vegetables than it does to purchase them. The watering gets SO expensive. I love seeing your garden of love. Everything looks so beautiful.

Thank you for taking me along to the market. I loved seeing the flowers in the crates. How beautiful they were in such a large quantity. I would have been over there purchasing some of those petunias. SO, pretty.

Have a glorious weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Sharon said...

I love this time of year ! I could spend bunches of money on plants and flowers , if I had it! lol