Monday, June 25, 2012

The heat is on.......

It is really summer around here......98 today and very dry.  Just going out to water is an ordeal.  Last summer was miserable and guess this one is a repeat.  Every time I feel like complaining, I think about all those who don't have an air-conditioned house to go into.  I know I'm so blessed but sometimes that "poor me" just creeps out.

My g'kids spend the summer in the pool (or a good part of it).  They're on the swim team at their neighborhood pool and love going every morning to practice.  They often return in the afternoon or evening......ahhhh summer!

Their next meet is on Thursday and since I missed their first one, I'm hoping it's not too hot to watch this one. 

Brenda worked today at Leola's so I'll be working on Wednesday.  I'm making a real effort to take some things in that I bought on our trip.  My goal was to concentrate on primitives and was able to find some great things.  Also wanted to find furniture pieces.  I found a great early side table with dropleafs that needs some waxing and a really primitive bench.  There's a small pine shelf with doors that hangs on the wall.  It wouldn't take much for me to keep it but promised myself I'd sell it.  I'll put it in Leola's for a couple of months and if it doesn't sell then I'll bring it home and take something out of the house.  So far, everything I tried that on, sold before I could bring it home (that's a good thing).

Wanted to show this house in Iowa that was in the little town where we stayed.  We thought this was the perfect "Pickers" house but none of us had the nerve to go to the door.  Since the Pickers are from Iowa, maybe someday they'll discover it.  They seemed very proud of all their "stuff".

Have a good Tuesday!

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