Monday, November 5, 2012

Catching up......

It's been quite a week.  Worked so hard getting ready for Leola's open house that it may take a couple of weeks to catch up.  Then it was daughter Allison's birthday, sister-in-law Susan came to paint boards for new ceiling, and brother-in-law Mike came to install the ceiling......whew!!!!  Can I just say that my ceiling looks fantastic!

Now all I have to do is decide what I want to do with my cabinets and then get my walls painted.  I'm going to paint over the red wallpaper.  There's a product that Mike told me about that supposedly does a good job of covering the wallpaper.  We'll see what happens!

On Friday night we went downtown to the First Friday Artwalk to visit a gallery where g'girl Stella's artwork was displayed.  We also celebrated Allison's birthday.  It was such a fun night and I think everyone in Springfield was downtown.

The whole Riddle family.
We had a wonderful open house.  It's so hard to get everything done I wanted to.  Had so many plans for pillows and various other handmade items.  Oh, well, I keep telling myself that there are almost 2 months before Christmas so maybe I'll get to some of them. 
Have a wonderful week.


Sharon said...

Darn ! Missed the open house again ! I saw pictures on Common Ground , everything looked wonderful. Pam , Billie and I are planing a trip up there hopefully next week. We want to visit Leola's and a couple of the antique malls. We are really needing a girls day out !

Sharon said...

By the way , I love that wood ceiling !

Danavee said...

Love the ceiling AND the family photo!

June said...

How nice to see your family Jan. That is a darling little one standing there by her beautiful artwork!
It sounds like you have been hard at work. The ceiling looks great!

I wanted to answer your question about the Italian magazine feature. They said they found my blog and then e-mailed me and asked if they could feature me in their Dec. issue. They wanted to use my own photos and that was a great opportunity. I love the feature.
Another magazine publisher from Rome has also contacted me to feature my entire home in some of the magazines they publish in Italy, France and Germany. They also want to use my photos. That makes it so much easier when they allow me to take the photos myself and then they choose the ones they want to use. The one in France just went on the newsstand this week!

sending hugs your way...