Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Tuesday.....

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Ours was a little crazy.  My son-in-law's grandmother is near death in Arkansas so John and his sister, Jessica, and her husband, Jason, had to leave and make a hurried trip to be with their Mom and Grandfather.  So our dinner was put off until evening.  Allison, the three grandkids and I stayed around the house and cooked and built gingerbread houses.

They have been making gingerbread houses on Thanksgiving for years now.  Gives them something to do while waiting for pumpkin pie.  It's amazing how good they've gotten.

It turned out to be a good day.  So sorry about John's grandmother.  She's been ill for quite some time now.  It's always so hard on those who love them and have to sit and wait.  I pray that she will go gently.

Today is a bright, sunshinny day and Ginny is coming to finish the cabinets.  I love the way they've turned out and how bright my kitchen is.  Today, I'm contacting a painter and hopefully, get the walls done.

Have a great Tuesday!


jc@leolas said...

Cute houses--Phoebe was really concentrating.

Danavee said...

Can't wait to see that kitchen!!!

Andrea said...

What a sweet tradition!