Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Work, work, work.....

It has appeared to have returned to the hot, sultry weather in Missouri.  You can't expect much more in August but you can always hope.  We've had nice gentle rains though so the garden is looking great.....just slow.  Can't believe it's August and I've had one ripe tomato and 2 ripe zucchini.  Wish I knew why.  Oh, well, I'll have great fall veggies.
When I found this white box, it had apparently been used for storage in an out building.  It was filthy but is a really early handmade piece with solid boards on all sides and bottom.  The top has hinges and 2 boards.  It turned out so darn cute.

The garage is full of projects so was relieved to get one finished and taken to Leola's.  I don't have room for furniture at the shop but my primitive things seem to sell most in the fall and winter so maybe I'll have room soon.

Peaches are ripe in our area so purchased some at Farmer's Market and made about 8 jars of preserves.  Earlier I made strawberry so I'm set.

We've been doing a lot of planning for our fall open house that will start on the evening of September 5.  I'm really considering carrying some wool.  I have tons of it that I've collected through the years and would love to dye some and fix a really great display.  Bought a great cubby from Judy that will be perfect.  We'll see how much I get done.
We (sisters) are planning a fall trip to an antiques show in Franklin, TN.  It looks to be wonderful and the town is so cute.  Love a fall trip...especially when it includes antiques.  Won't be until October but I'm ready now.
Think I'll finish this and go sit on the back porch for awhile.  The locusts are calling my name and think it may have cooled a bit.


Danavee said...

That trunk is outstanding! The perfect chippy paint!

Sharon said...

Great trunk ! That trip sounds like a lot of fun .

June said...

You've been canning Jan and it looks so delish! Peaches won't be ripe here for awhile yet but this makes me crave them.
I love that great box. Just the kind of treasure I love to find.