Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall projects......

Sorry it's taken so long but, as usual, blogging had to be put on the back-burner.  It's such a busy time both at home and at Leola's. Sister Linda has been working on Fridays and I try to go down and be there for awhile.  It can get busy on Friday and it certainly was today.  Lots of visitors from out-of-town.  I'm going to be working for Kenda tomorrow.

We have such wonderful pieces right now besides all of the smalls.  I don't know of another shop around that has the good early furniture that Leola's has. 

I said in an earlier post that I would show a few pieces from the small town of Lieper's Fork in Tennessee.  They were having a big sale in their downtown that someone had told us about.  There were lots of rusty pieces and these pieces that had been transformed into lamps and various other items.  We also noticed that at the City Farmhouse Barnsale.

Wish I had taken pictures of some of the lamps.  They were wonderful but very expensive.  We found even at this sale that much of the merchandise was priced much higher then we could sell them for here.  It's so strange how people will go out-of-town and pay more then they will spend in their local shops.

I purchased these wool socks at the sale and decided to applique on them to use for Christmas stockings to sell at open house.
It's incredible how quickly the weather has turned cold.  One day we were wearing flip-flops and the next day, Uggs.  Missouri weather is always unpredictable!  We're at least 2 wks. behind on leaves turning.  Usually by the first of November the leaves are fully turned and falling like crazy but not this year.  They're turning but there's still lots of green.

Leola's is having it's holiday open house a week later then most everyone else.  We just didn't like having the first night of open house on Halloween.  We always like to have ours start on Thursday night because we love the ambiance of the little lights and candles sparkling in the evening.  The shop never looks better and I think our customers like it, too.  This will be our 7th holiday open house.....yikes!  We're all working so hard to make it the best one ever.  Hope you can come.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Pat@BPM said...

We popped in last Tuesday, on our way to Big Cedar. Absolutely love Leola's! Wish I had a truck! Wow, such beautiful things. Found a wonderful vintage camera for our granddaughter, antlers for J's lodge and fabulous potpourri.

Your shop is amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed visiting with your niece.

Danavee said...

I was thinking this fall was running late! Leaves-wise! But not temperature-wise! Winter moved in!!!!

Can't wait for open house! I think having it on Nov. 7th is perfect!!!

June said...

Oh it will be awesome I just know it Jan! I love seeing the photos that Debra shares of your sales on her blog. I LOVE what you did with the woolen socks...SO CUTE!
Wishing you a wonderful sale this fall!

dulcy said...

Love it all! I saw Tammy's little white trunk she bought a Leola's yesterday. ADORABLE! She has the perfect spot for it. Happy Halloween Jan!