Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Summer in Missouri.....

We're in the middle of July in the Ozarks and it is "hot"!  Heat index has been over 100 but so far the actual temp has not been there.....and hopefully, it won't.  The garden seems to like it and the tomatoes are ripening quickly and I have a hearty supply of basil, which I love.

My pesto-making supplies.....and some of my homegrown tomatoes....

I love pesto so I make enough for freezing.

I received a cutting of chocolate mint from a neighbor and I love it in my tea.

I also like having ice tea spoons and they're difficult to find these days and new ones are almost impossible.  I've managed to collect a nice selection.

Sometimes a nice glass of ice tea on a hot afternoon is just the perfect thing.

It's so strange how in the winter we long for those wonderful summer days where we can be outside and enjoy the yard and the fresh air and then summer is here and we're dreaming of fall and cool nights and fires in the fireplace.  I'm making a concerted effort to appreciate the present without always dreaming of tomorrow.  It's not always easy but at my age, I'm trying to live in the present and not to wish anymore of my life away.

Hope you're enjoying your here and now!

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