Monday, July 14, 2008

Shopping at Leola's!

I was working in the shop this morning & Kelli & I were trying to figure out what is doing best in the shop right now. Needless to say, on any given day it could be something different (& usually is), but we seem to consistently sell our primitives well. Even with French decorating being so "hot", that good old primitive Americana still ends up the winner. Here are a few things I took pictures of today.

We have 2 of our renters who have sold primitives for years & they don't deviate much from that. My sister Linda & I also have quite a bit of the American primitives. There just always seem to be collectors around looking for the really good early "stuff".
We have lots of visitors from out-of-town who make it a point to check the shop out when there in town or headed to Branson. You would never know it by our parking lot (& Lamberts) that the price of gas is almost $4.00. Thank you God!!!!!

This was some things Judy had arranged on a table & I loved the way it looked.

These were 2 of our visitors from last week (mother & daughter). Mother bought a picnic tin for her collection & daughter bought one of Debra's watches.

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