Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer pasttime -- Garage sales!

Friday was such a good garage sale day. Beautiful weather until about 11:00 when we started feeling the heat. Allison and the grandkids decided they wanted to come along so we loaded in Allison's minivan and off we went.

It seems to me that it's the greatest way to stimulate our economy and don't forget the whole recycling aspect. Almost everything I bought will now be taken to Leola's to be sold and used again. We also made note that everything we bought was made in America except for the ironstone pitcher that came from England. Even the books were published and printed in the US.

The gandkids bought books, paper, toys, and Sage bought a lock box for all his treasures. Things that would most likely be thrown away if there hadn't been a garage sale. Allison bought vintage jewelry that she'll either wear or use in a future craft project.

The people having the garage sales will most likely take this money and go to the grocery store, get their hair done, do a home improvement, or come to Leola's and purchase something of mine so we all reap the reward.

Makes perfect sense to me!

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Ragamuffin Gal said...

Hi! I'm back and would love to see you!!! This is a fabulous post ~ so insightful. I am going to refer to it in my next post and link to it as a way to live green. You are "tops" in your thinking, just love it and you! Blessings, Katie