Monday, August 4, 2008

Leola's had guests

Aren't these sunflowers gorgeous!!!! Sunflowers always say "it's Summer" to me. We had a visit this weekend from Diane Benitz & she brought us this wonderful treat. We have the greatest customers & she's one of the best. She's a regular visitor to Springfield from St. Louis, and we're always so happy when she stops by. This time she brought her friend & soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Maxson, in to see the shop. We're all such fans of Elizabeth's blogs & her work with Romantic Homes magazine. We felt like we had a celebrity in our midst. Kenda (& her girls), Debra & Janie were all in the shop & got to meet her -- not that they were excited or anything. Elizabeth promised that she would be back soon for a visit & hopefully, it will be on one of my days. It's difficult enough planning a wedding under normal circumstances but when you know it will be photographed for a magazine -- what kind of pressure would that be!!!!! Anyway, Saturday was a great day in the shop. And "THANKS" Diane for the beautiful flowers.

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