Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wreathmaking with the Grandgirls!

These are my grandgirls, Stella & Phoebe. They spent Wednesday with Gramma and we had the best day. Stella decided that she wanted to make Mom one of those round things like Gramma made (a wreath) but thought the vine one was kind of skinny so we decided to add hydrangea. She loved it and was so proud when she gave it to Mom. I wonder if when they get old if they'll remember going to Gramma's house & doing the things we do. I never had a Gramma & I think a child without a Gramma misses out on a lot. I know these kids would have missed out on a whole lot of love.

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Sweet Repose said...

When I was a child, I was always in fear of someday being without my Grandparents...unthinkable...but I have all those wonderful memories of Granny and Gramps to keep me comfy as I grow older. My Granny's name was Stella, I always loved that name and wondered why they never named me that beautiful name. Enjoy you're beautiful name Miss Stella, you are obviously special to that Granny.