Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall is definitely here!

It is definitely fall! It's very chilly here this morning & we have the threat of our first killing frost this weekend. Guess I have to pick my green tomatoes & bring them in. For some strange reason my tomatoes are producing their best tomatoes right now. Also, I have the best crop of arugula (my very favorite lettuce) but it's pretty hardy & can take a little frost. If you've never used arugula before, try it. It's especially great on sandwiches.

It's my job to pick Sage up at school on Tuesday afternoons & this is him in his neighborhood this week with his ice cream cone. He started Cub Scouts this year & his G'pa told him that one requirement was to walk little old ladies across the street so this week as we were walking hand-in-hand back to the parking lot he told me that I was his "little old lady" this week -- so he made his quota. Lucky for him, he laughed when he said it. I hope he never outgrows his desire to spend time with his G'ma. I thought of that this morning as I watched Barack Obama get off the plane in Hawaii going to see his G'ma for probably the last time.

Anyway, I'm getting out of the house today. I've tried to keep my "nose to the grindstone" this week & get things ready for open house but I need a break. Usually Friday is garage sale day but this cool weather has caused a decline in the amount of sales. Maybe I'll check out some flea mkts. Have to have my "fix"!!!!

This is the tree I see in my front yard when I work on my computer. It's a huge maple & is gorgeous in the fall. It just needs another week. Tomorrow will be a good day for a drive in the country. Have a great weekend!

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Ragamuffin Gal said...

I loved this story and I am still laughing! It is so cute! Thanks for brightening my day as you often do! Blessings, Katie