Thursday, November 13, 2008

A few of my favorite things -- quilts & wool

I'm so sorry that this quilt doesn't show up better because it's truly wonderful. It's very old but whoever made it did a beautiful job -- & all hand quilted. It has a little paisley fabric in it that almost matches the paisley chair in front of it. One of the women in the shop, Carol, made the slipcover on the chair. I think Carol has made slipcovers for about everyone in a 200 mile radius & a few farther out. We had two of these wingbacks slipcovered & they're now sitting in front of our electric fireplace. We're having a hard time staying away from them -- especially when someone brings treats from Starbucks.

This is a settee that I painted brown & covered feather pillows with a heavy wool throw. I love the idea of mixing wicker with wool & it looks great -- if I do say so myself.

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Sweet Repose said...

Cute settee...and feel free to 'bee free'...I wish I could say I had bees. I watched all summer for them and did not have one...just a type of bee, that wasn't even a normal honey bee. It was very hyper acting, with unusually large pollen sacks...very weird...I want my bees back! Even though I don't use pesticides, I am surrounded by farms that do and the arial spraying I'm sure is what's killing DUH!!!