Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lunch at Springcreek Antiques & Tearoom

I haven't had time for months to go to Springcreek for lunch or shopping so Judy & our friend Jane & I had lunch there today. The line is usually quite long so we had plenty of time to shop. If you're ever in Ozark MO at lunch time, you have to eat here. We had a wonderful sandwich & salad but there desserts are to die for. We had coconut cream pie & we practically licked the plate. Nobody makes desserts like Brenda at Springcreek.

Here are a few of the things that were in the shop. I loved this little pine chair & handmade doll.
This is Mandy's booth & I've forgotten her blog name but I'll list it later & link to it on my blog. She has the cutest space with wonderful things for a child's room. My friend, Jane, collects sock monkeys & she's found several in this booth. She does want the world to know that she has her limit of sock monkeys now & unless she finds a really special one, she's not adding anymore to her collection. Yeah, sure!!!!
Love this ironstone! The pitchers were grazed & stained. That's my favorite.

Does this not look like a treasure trove! Vintage ornaments are selling like hotcakes right now. Don't you wonder where people keep finding them. Probably at all those garage sales I miss. I had a hard time finding many this year but some of the girls had tons. Guess I need to get up earlier on garage sale days.
Is this not the cutest Mrs. Claus suit!!!! I tell you if I had a body this small, it would have gone home with me. Can't you just see it with a pair of Danskin Leggings? OK, get your minds out of the gutter; I know what you all were thinking. Like that's going to happen -- especially since it's about 10 sizes too small. Oh, well, maybe next year I will have lost 85 lbs -- don't hold your breath!


Giana said...

Everything is looking awesome..! Excited to see Danskin leggings.

Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Jan~ Thanks for showing such a cute shot of my booth! It was fun seeing it on your blog! See you soon at Leola's! ~Mandy