Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy birthday to Allison & Kay!

Today is my wonderful daughter Allison's birthday. It's also her Aunt Kay's birthday (my brother Bud's wife). It's incredible to think of Allison being 38 years old but I'm afraid it's true. Where does the time go!!! We're having a birthday party on this beautiful fall Sunday at our house & I'm cooking for probably 20 (you never know with our family just how many will show up). I've already fixed my sloppy joes & a huge casserole of macaroni & cheese & now comes the pumpkin gooey butter cake. These are all things that Allison loves & I know with Kay, she's like the rest of us older women, we love anything anyone else cooks. Kay's sister, Jan, is here from Wyoming & her daughter & family are coming from St. Louis. We'll all eat, visit, & watch the little ones play & forget all our worries.

We'll say a prayer today that Allison & all the rest of us can find hope this week that our lives are about to change & we can all look forward to living in a world where we can live in peace, pay our bills, buy healthy food, educate our children, have health care, breathe clean air, not be dependent on foreign oil & not live in fear. I just want to believe again that there's hope.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALLISON and KAY......and many more!!!!!!

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