Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time to vote!!!

Well, I'm off to vote. I've done enough talking & now it's time to act. The early news showed the place where we vote & there were long lines. It just seems incredible to me that people should have to stand in long lines to vote -- especially when it turns into hours. Don't you wonder how many people that prevents from voting. Oh, well, I can stand in line & I intend to do it if I have to. This has been a very difficult 8 yrs. for Mike & me, so call me a "wild-eyed optimist", but I'm hoping maybe things will change. Keeping my fingers crossed!

So after voting, I'm off to Leola's for another day of decorating. We're closed until Thurs. evening at 5:00 getting ready for our open house. It's already looking fantastic.

Have a great day!

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Sweet Repose said...

I am so freaked out by this election, I was living in Florida for the last one...what a joke that was!...can you say rigged! But I have all my fingers and toes crossed..I have HOPE...and a lil' bit o luck wouldn't hurt.

I do absentee ballot...saves me alot of time and they mail it to me every year.