Saturday, November 22, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggiety-jig!

We're back!!!! We had the best time and actually got something accomplished. Jane's house at Lake of the Ozarks is wonderful. It's bright & white & perfect for doing needlework and it looks right out on the lake. It was so quiet but very cold. We got out & did a few things but mostly we stayed in. I did get to eat at On the Rise & we got to shop at their HyVee mkt. which is the greatest store. Can't believe that Lake of the Ozarks has a store like that & Springfield doesn't. We stopped & got their "cook-at-home" pizzas to bring home.

Anyway, this is the view out her windows.

Why is it the word weenie still makes grown women laugh. We wanted to go in but decided we might have to actually buy a weenie. This little town use to be a big tourist area but kind of got lost in the shuffle. Kind of sad because I can remember buying a little hand-tooled purse there as a little kid. It was boomin' in those days. Just had to show this pic.
I could have stayed about 2 more wks. but life goes on. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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